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So, I'm definitely not going to see Glam Nation this time around :( (argh, it still irks me. Thank goodness for YouTube. Seriously).

But. This weekend's shaping up to be amazing, if I can hype it up already? Haha. My friend's little sister is turning 16, and they're throwing her a bash at their hugeee lake house, and I'm along for the ride as a "chaperone" along with my friend :) So, I am excite. Four nights away from this crazy family that I have lol.

Also - *knocks on wood* the story is coming along swimmingly.

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So I was perusing the prompt post yesterday and saw this posted by [personal profile] jerakeen (whose work I absolutely love) -

Adam is the singer at Kris and Katy's wedding, where he mistakes Kris for someone else and accidentally kisses him. Which causes Kris to reevaluate the whole marriage idea. Once they talk it over, all cards on the table, he and Katy realize they're doing it because it's time and not because they really want it, and they call it off.

Adam feels like shit. Until he gets to kiss Kris again. Then it's all good.

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Jumping in!

Jul. 3rd, 2010 12:26 am
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Kradam Madness

Kradam Madness. I... I think I'm going to participate \o/

IDEK. Have I written the boys before?

*Shyly* No. I have unfinished partial works, but fine, I've never finished something... But what better time to start than a challenge, with super-awesome cake-loving mods?

Exactly. There's no better time than now.

So, watch me go get ~inspired and unlurk.



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