Jul. 15th, 2010 04:24 pm
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LOL, it's been a few days, huh? Let me go away for a week with no real Internet access and yes, this is what you get. It was really for the best though, since I think I was getting a little too attached to the wonders of Microsoft and technologies' crazy accomplishments.

So. How was it? Crazy. Awesome. Annoying. Fun. Painful. Frustrating. Delicious.

(None of the above adjectives may make much sense out of context, so I'll try and explain them a bit.)

Crazy - 6 girls, my friend and I, her grandmother, mom, and a 7-year old yellow Lab that I have an awk relationship with (which is best not explained in detail at this point).

Awesome - Lake Wapaupack(?) in PA, a HUGE lake house (I mean, seriously. It's ridic.) A speed boat. Airhead raft. Boys. (No booze. That's for next year haha).

Annoying - 6 girls, 15 and 16. I think that covers it.

Fun - see: boat, lake, raft. Also - tons of boot leg movies, too much food, etc.

Painful - acid droplet in my eye on Sunday. Basically? I'm not blind. I need to carry my insurance card with me AT ALL TIMES now. Never reach for a canister. Just... don't. And all the thanks to Jim at Lake Region Urgent Care Center. Really. Hugs and chocolate should be sent to you.

Frustrating - again, 6 girls the age of 15 and 16. Getting them to do things in general is difficult, so try not being related to them. :| I sincerely hope if I go on this trip again (bc apparently it happens every year? Bless their mother) less girls go. OMG

Delicious - see: FOOD. Too much of it, seriously. Thank god for the lake to help burn off some of the calories I tried very very hard not to eat. /o\

Overall, it was an insane trip. Anddd - I'm going back tomorrow night to help finish clearing the whole house out for the renters they have coming on Saturday. And I think I'll be paid? IDK. We'll see. (Hopefully I'm paid. I could use money haha).

Also? Uncle John is coming. Yes, he is married. Yes, he has a kid. But - he is hot. (You knew that was coming, I guess?) IDK, I'm looking forward to helping out, hanging out with adults, it could be chill. What I'm not looking forward to? We won't be able to take showers. Gross. :(

Ok, what else... May be going to another friend's house this Sunday? I doubt it'll happen though, bc my other friends have jobs so they probably won't be able to get off and I don't think it would be as fun if I just come. :\ Boo.

Oh, and Kradam. Done-ish, need to edit, most likely will put in a request for a beta but am still all kinds of nervous about it, of course. Bah, off to fix 'er up.


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