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Sometimes I wonder why I'm still keeping in touch with people from high school that I hate.

Ok, "hate" is a strong word. I mean, extremely dislike? Can't stand at times? It's just... why be friends with someone you think is always judging you? Isn't that unhealthy? (The shrink in me says, "Yes. Yes it is.")

But. It's hard to just... lose contact with someone. And considering these people are always texting and looking for reasons to hang out, its hard to avoid them - especially when you don't have a job and you're basically willing to do anything to get out of the house sometimes.

However, today wasn't bad. I'm on a semi-diet? And lol its the first day. But there was success in that I didn't eat as much as I normally would have. So... yay?

Blah. IDEK what this entry is haha. Let's get back to Kradam.

So, the story is kind of going somewhere now? *crosses fingers* I really want to write something good, that people would enjoy reading and maybe bookmark or something. :\ I figure putting my eggs in a bunch of baskets is really the way to go here, so I'm gonna try and multitask with this whole fanfiction thing. (It's not like much else is going on with my summer. Fail.)

Gah I just hope I can get something good enough to post :\ Ok. Going to ~work on it some more lol.


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