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2011-01-31 12:09 am
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womp womp :(

I don't want to lose a friendship.

This entire weekend my stomach's been in knots. I feel like Mel is mad at me, but what was I supposed to do? Ange is a stubborn woman, and even if I had talked to her about leaving the house, what could I have done if she said no? Threw down? Pushed her out into the street?

Uh, no.

One, because I honestly would probably never assault someone unless it was in defense of myself. And two, because Ange is honestly one of my best friends at TCNJ. So, this is what happened:

"Ange, Brianna doesn't want you in the house.. You guys don't get along, so its probably for the best if you pull out."

To me: "But my other close friends have their deposits in already.. Why should I back out just because one person doesn't want me here? Can't we all just live together? If you guys didn't want me to live with you, why the fuck did you invite me in the first place?"

"Ange, its not that I don't want to live with you, its Brianna, who already has her deposit in, which you haven't given."

"Well, I planned to hand it in tonight."


IDEK. Fuck. Since this, since Ange handed in a deposit, Mel & Brianna "are definitely living on campus" blah blah blah. WTF. I hate this, and honestly? Sometimes I hate the gdamn drama that always, some way or other, ends up surrounding me. UGH. I haven't talked to Mel all weekend, since the whole housing drama on Friday, and she texted me tonight asking to get lunch with me tomorrow before our 1230 class.

Of course I said sure. What am I supposed to say? I don't want to lose her as a friend when I did pretty much all I could do to "not" get Ange to stay in the house. So in theory I shouldn't (like my mom said), but I'm still worried. I was bawling on Friday after we went out because I hate thinking/knowing someone's mad at me. It just blows. Just... I hate it. I hate this so. fucking. much.

I'm just gonna be honest at lunch tomorrow. I mean, that's honestly all I can do. And we'll see what happens.

womp womp. What a lame sauce entry, huh? Especially considering I haven't written anything for like six months. Whatevs. Love ya Dreamwidth.
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2010-07-22 03:46 am
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I research too much /o\

The story has a title. It may not have a beta, but it has a title.

It's legit now, really. :)

What else... oh. I'm 99% sure I have a non-curable skin condition known as Keratosis Pilaris Alba.

Basically - patches of skin on my right forearm are producing too much kerotonin and "plugging" hair follicles, creating these rough, awkward bumps on my skin. It's actually really gross, but I'm lucky since mine don't cause any irritation, and its not even that large of a patch. So.

And its genetic. Oh mom and dad, I knew with everyone in my family having a skin condition - mom and brother have bad eczema, my sis has a little patch on her face, my dad on his neck - it would have been weird if I got off skin-problem free, right? Especially since my acne/pimple sitch was never horrible (thank god). But I also thought my whole "everyone has skin problems" thing came when I was diagnosed with like, partial vitiligo (loss of skin pigment - once again, a few random patches that don't bother me) or whatever.

Apparently not.

ANYWAY. I guess I'll go to sleep now. And I guess I'll have to figure out a way to exfoliate this "chicken skin" - seriously, that's like, the perfect description of what this is. I have to moisturize this shit like nobody's business after a shower, seriously.

Tomorrow: Edit the story. Purchase "The Colorado Kid" on my mom's nook. Complain about my KPA. Rookie Blue (amazing. I'm in love with Ben Bass, who's 41 and just totes my type... if I have a type? IDK. I'd do him. UNFF) and thennn maybe post? Sigh. C'est la vie.
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2010-07-21 04:54 pm
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Long rambly post is long and rambly

Posting!fail again, I know. Anyway, I've been back for a few days haha - and yes, I was paid! And their uncle wasn't there, which was probably for the best, since it was his poor decision to leave that canister of acid in the shed with the floaties in the first place. IDK, that could've been an awk apology.

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2010-07-15 04:24 pm
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LOL, it's been a few days, huh? Let me go away for a week with no real Internet access and yes, this is what you get. It was really for the best though, since I think I was getting a little too attached to the wonders of Microsoft and technologies' crazy accomplishments.

So. How was it? Crazy. Awesome. Annoying. Fun. Painful. Frustrating. Delicious.

(None of the above adjectives may make much sense out of context, so I'll try and explain them a bit.)

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2010-07-08 08:06 pm
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Lake House!Weekend plus Kradam

So, I'm definitely not going to see Glam Nation this time around :( (argh, it still irks me. Thank goodness for YouTube. Seriously).

But. This weekend's shaping up to be amazing, if I can hype it up already? Haha. My friend's little sister is turning 16, and they're throwing her a bash at their hugeee lake house, and I'm along for the ride as a "chaperone" along with my friend :) So, I am excite. Four nights away from this crazy family that I have lol.

Also - *knocks on wood* the story is coming along swimmingly.

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2010-07-07 08:35 pm
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Possible wedding!fic in the works?

So I was perusing the prompt post yesterday and saw this posted by [personal profile] jerakeen (whose work I absolutely love) -

Adam is the singer at Kris and Katy's wedding, where he mistakes Kris for someone else and accidentally kisses him. Which causes Kris to reevaluate the whole marriage idea. Once they talk it over, all cards on the table, he and Katy realize they're doing it because it's time and not because they really want it, and they call it off.

Adam feels like shit. Until he gets to kiss Kris again. Then it's all good.

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2010-07-06 12:06 am
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Random musings + Kradam. Um. IDK.

Sometimes I wonder why I'm still keeping in touch with people from high school that I hate.

Yeah, I'm going there today. )

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