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Posting!fail again, I know. Anyway, I've been back for a few days haha - and yes, I was paid! And their uncle wasn't there, which was probably for the best, since it was his poor decision to leave that canister of acid in the shed with the floaties in the first place. IDK, that could've been an awk apology.

RE:life? I've got no job. I should be looking for scholarships, but for some reason my motivation is shot to hell. I keep stalking Hulu and the Internet in general, sleep too late, eat too much... it's a horrible pattern which I need to break by the end of this week.

And I keep worrying about next year. I'm rooming with a girl I don't know bc the other 2 girls I'd been planning on rooming with paired off and I was stuck alone. And then I had another girl as a roommate, and then I didn't, and now I have one again. She seems nice, but we'll see how things go :\ We haven't really talked that much.

Another new thing next year - one of my veryyy good friends from HS is transferring to my school! \o/ It's weird, bc my first thought wasn't really excitement, you know? She's had a hard time - this will be the third time she's transferred schools - and I definitely do NOT want our friendship to get weird or whatever, since I have a group at school already.

But I mean, it could also be fun. Someone to eat with/call up to do something if I'm feeling lonely or whatever (which happens).

I'm also worried about joining a sorority :\ I want to be in one for friends and mixers but don't want to be in something that doesn't work for me, you know?


Also, I need to drop 30 pounds like whoa. My whole plan for this summer was to get super-skinny so I would be comfortable with myself by the time school came around, and look at this - a little over a month left and maaaybe I've lost five... at some point in time or something. IDK. I'm probably stretching that estimate.

But yes. Diet. More exercise. Scholarships. Liasion form.

I need to get my life together somehow. (TBH? The one reason I probably don't have a job is bc I chose not to go back to the one place that probably would've hired me so I could go on that lake house trip the other week. But really, when I think about it, I'm going to have the rest of my life to be working, do I really need a job the summer before my junior year in college? I don't think so. Would it be a bad thing if I did have one? Nope, but I don't think it's necessary.)

(The above may or may not be my own rationalization skills being exercised so I won't worry about whether or not the decision was a poor one.)

Other things... Music. More and more I've been wondering if I could throw myself into that business, since I a) love music so much its ridiculous and b) think I'd have a decent time finding a song that could be big or whatever. But IDK. Wouldn't it be ironic that I'm at school for political science and I end up working for like RCA Records or something?

I'm also (due to my boredom?) ALL OVER the new music on iTunes every Tuesday and am constantly checking the Top 200 Overall and Top 200 Pop songs to see if there's anything I like. Recent discoveries:

2AM Club - Worry About You (fucking amazing. LOVEEE).
Sam Adams - Driving Me Crazy
Bruno Mars (everything by him. Dude's adorable, has the sweetest voice ever, and OMG)
Mark Ronson
Ke$ha (IDK I was tentative I guess when I first listened to her album but I have like 8 songs from it now. It's mad catchy and really fun).

That's just a couple but since the summer started I've downloaded something like 300 songs. INSANE, RIGHT?

And my fanfic?

Story is eh... almost done? I have to figure out a title, a summary, if I actually LIKE the ending, and, you know, BASIC BASICS. D: Ugh my perfectionism is kicking me in the ass right now.

I was thinking of using the song "Closer to Fine" by the Indigo Girls as the title but IDK... does it really work? Too cliche?


Overall I think I like the story, but I'm worried about how a reader would feel. ("That's why you need a beta, [personal profile] french_silk!" my mind screams.)

I know. I KNOW.

Will write soon ♥


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