Jul. 22nd, 2010

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The story has a title. It may not have a beta, but it has a title.

It's legit now, really. :)

What else... oh. I'm 99% sure I have a non-curable skin condition known as Keratosis Pilaris Alba.

Basically - patches of skin on my right forearm are producing too much kerotonin and "plugging" hair follicles, creating these rough, awkward bumps on my skin. It's actually really gross, but I'm lucky since mine don't cause any irritation, and its not even that large of a patch. So.

And its genetic. Oh mom and dad, I knew with everyone in my family having a skin condition - mom and brother have bad eczema, my sis has a little patch on her face, my dad on his neck - it would have been weird if I got off skin-problem free, right? Especially since my acne/pimple sitch was never horrible (thank god). But I also thought my whole "everyone has skin problems" thing came when I was diagnosed with like, partial vitiligo (loss of skin pigment - once again, a few random patches that don't bother me) or whatever.

Apparently not.

ANYWAY. I guess I'll go to sleep now. And I guess I'll have to figure out a way to exfoliate this "chicken skin" - seriously, that's like, the perfect description of what this is. I have to moisturize this shit like nobody's business after a shower, seriously.

Tomorrow: Edit the story. Purchase "The Colorado Kid" on my mom's nook. Complain about my KPA. Rookie Blue (amazing. I'm in love with Ben Bass, who's 41 and just totes my type... if I have a type? IDK. I'd do him. UNFF) and thennn maybe post? Sigh. C'est la vie.


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