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So, I'm definitely not going to see Glam Nation this time around :( (argh, it still irks me. Thank goodness for YouTube. Seriously).

But. This weekend's shaping up to be amazing, if I can hype it up already? Haha. My friend's little sister is turning 16, and they're throwing her a bash at their hugeee lake house, and I'm along for the ride as a "chaperone" along with my friend :) So, I am excite. Four nights away from this crazy family that I have lol.

Also - *knocks on wood* the story is coming along swimmingly.

I've read some fanfic tips, have tried to keep MY voice different from Kris's (but its kind of hard, IDK if it worked :\) as well as research some basics re: wedding duties, etc. Like, did you know that lately it's become a thing to have a maid and matron of honor? Yep. Thank you Internet.

So, thanks to my research skills I remembered a photographer, and almost forgot to include Kris's brother in the shenanigans. And after some thought I also decided to make him the best man, since, I mean, don't family members usually do that? Well, Kris would, so, problem solved haha.

All thats left is the actual wedding part (so, there may be a couple thousand more words to go, but it's definitely not a story that'll turn into this big THING with no end, so, there's that.) *\o/*

I'm excited. For both this weekend and the potential end of my first, maybe not complete garbage? fanfic. I'm nervous about a beta though. Over the years I've come to appreciate criticism in all its forms, I just... don't want someone to tell me it completely sucks but who knows. If it IS that bad D: I'll F-lock it here after some tweaks. Even bad!fic can be posted sometimes (privately in this case), right? IDEK. Whatevs. Let's cross that road when we get to it. :)
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