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So I was perusing the prompt post yesterday and saw this posted by [personal profile] jerakeen (whose work I absolutely love) -

Adam is the singer at Kris and Katy's wedding, where he mistakes Kris for someone else and accidentally kisses him. Which causes Kris to reevaluate the whole marriage idea. Once they talk it over, all cards on the table, he and Katy realize they're doing it because it's time and not because they really want it, and they call it off.

Adam feels like shit. Until he gets to kiss Kris again. Then it's all good.

Good news? It's working so far. I brainstormed and found a voice for Kris and they already had the accidental kiss soo its looking ok :D In fact, I'm about to work on it, and I think it could go somewhere haha.

Also - I was looking for some love/marriage quotes, stumbled upon someone's massive movie monologue archive and got lost for an hour... until I found a sweet one from the movie When Harry Met Sally.

Problem - I had never seen the movie. So, I went searching on YouTube for the opening scene and the one where Billy Crystal confesses his love. But I ended up watching the entire thing through a YouTube playlist someone had put together.

This is why I love the Internet.

It was SO. GOOD. Rob Reiner, wherever you are, I love your work. Seriously. This movie, The Sure Thing (which has another of my older celeb crushes John Cusack - don't judge!) are fabulous. I think it's the witty dialogue, and just how fast the movie moves, and the characters.. <3 Just, love love love all around.

So, not only has this early fic afforded me some sense of accomplishment, it also introduced me to a movie that made me :') for an hour afterward. IDEK.

But anyway. Something may be accomplished come the time for works to be submitted so - yay! *happy dnace* After I get it a bit more structured I think I'm going to post about it in the brainstorming post, bc I don't want it to die and have someone offer to beta it or something haha :)

So - here it goes! ♥
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